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Verizon FiOs: Your No. 1 Choice for Reliable Internet Connection

When it comes to high speed and reliable internet connection, only one provider should enter your mind – Verizon. Now, there is already Verizon FiOs which offer ultrafast internet connection for utmost productivity and entertainment. See below to know more about the features of Verizon FiOS.

Verizon FiOs Internet

Amazing Features of Verizon FiOs

  • Verizon FiOs offers a variety of internet speed choices for everyone’s need. Whether you are a gamer or just an occasional internet user, you will always find your perfect internet speed connection with Verizon FiOs. It offers download/upload speeds that ranges from 15/5 Mbps to 500/100 Mbps.
  • You don’t need a separate cable service provider. Verizon FiOs offers bundle packages to those who wish to avail of its cable service. The advantage of subscribing to Verizon FiOs rather than choosing other providers is that it offers cable services which you can not only watch from your own home but also from your tablet. This means you can enjoy TV or movie viewing wherever you are!
  • Verizon FiOs also offers home phone service. Since Verizon FiOs is powered with a fiber optic technology, you can expect very clear voice calls from its phone service!

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